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Being NGE – New Generations of Entrepreneurs – means having the boldly adventurous spirit to take calculated risks. We are that construction and civil engineering group.

Every day, we reinvent everything we do to facilitate the design, construction and renovation of large-scale projects and local works.

Our teams are committed to working alongside regional and local authorities to create bridges, roads, railways, fibre optic networks and leisure, and social and educational life spaces…

We provide the connections needed to weave and strengthen the links that make travel, life and interaction better and easier.



We leave plenty of room for initiative so that everyone can thrive and express their talent.

With us, it’s the company that adapts to the employees, not the other way around. Team solidarity, the pleasure of working together, a shared taste for challenges, and doing one’s job well with a fighting spirit bring us together.

Welcoming a new team member is seen as an additional source of richness. We ensure that each employee quickly finds their bearings so that they can express their full potential and grow with us a little more each day.


NGE in 2022 :

permanent contract
4 000+
new people recruited per year
10 000
employee shareholders